Electrical Testers

Actron is an industry leader in electrical testers for your car or home repair projects. Pick your choice of Actron’s digital multimeters to help pinpoint problem areas and determine which components need repair or replacement. Find shorted and open wiring with the help of our circuit testers. Troubleshoot fuel injectors, solenoids, and digital sensors with the Actron Automotive Logic Tester. Use Actron IR thermometers to check AC systems, brakes, catalytic converters, cylinder heads, and overheating electrical components. Use the Actron Videoscope to inspect hard to reach areas. Measure and set spark plug timing on older vehicles, tractors, lawn mowers and more using Actron timing lights. Find bad batteries and faulty charging systems with Actron Battery Load Testers. Our Remote Starter Switches allow one person to conduct tests while cranking or starting the engine.