Help to fix your car - we have the likely fix based on your trouble code

Last time we walked through the complexities of vehicle electronics and the need for a scan tool to learn more about your car. Once you’ve read a vehicle code you can look up the definition at

While on our code lookup page you may notice a new feature – confirmed fixes. The confirmed fixes feature gives you all fixes for one code based on your vehicle for $1.99. The confirmed fixes, of which there are more than 20 million, show a broader picture of how to fix your vehicle. Each fix has been independently verified by an ASE certified technician and proven to successfully repair that specific code by vehicle.

So if you look up a code, we’ll tell you whether or not confirmed fixes are available, and provide them all for $1.99 for that specific code. That means that if there are multiple fixes for that problem, you’ll receive them all. Each fix is weighted as a most likely, likely or possible fix to give you more direction on where to start repairing.

Have multiple codes? There’s a good chance we know that as well. Many fixes will show if companion codes are likely to be set, helping save you time and money based on your issue.

At the end of the day, while the confirmed fixes can help you repair your vehicle, it also provides peace of mind. In addition to reading a code, Actron can show you what is likely to fix your vehicle to help you do it yourself.

Once you have your most likely fix, we recommend testing the vehicle component(s) in question and confirming the need to repair or replace them. While the most likely fix is never a guarantee, it provides a strong course of action to get your vehicle back up and running as it was designed.