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  When your check engine light turns on, the vehicle actually stores information on the problem.

When you ignore a check engine light you risk:
  • Further engine damage
  • Poor gas mileage
  • Vehicle performance problems
  • Serious repair costs

  • Three common and very useful types of tools from Actron can assist you in diagnosing your vehicle and turn off the check engine light:

    A Scan Tool can be used to read and erase trouble codes, display, record and play back LIVE diagnostic data and perform other tests allowed by the vehicle maker. We have scan tools that cover vehicles 1982 to present depending on required coverage. All Actron Scan Tools are CAN compliant.

    A Code Reader can be used to read and erase diagnostic trouble codes as well as other additional features depending on the tool. These tools work on all vehicles 1996 and newer. All Actron Code Readers are CAN compliant.

    A Code Scanner reads diagnostic trouble codes generated by the vehicle's system. Codes are displayed on the vehicle's dashboard and/or identified through audio prompts. These products work with 1981-1995 vehicles.

    Actron Scan Tools and Code Readers are designed to communicate with cars and light-duty trucks which comply with US emission standards.

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